Saturday, August 18, 2007

Local Scene: Twin Cam

For a band that's been around for eight years, had five CD releases and been on two Warped Tours, Columbus' Twin Cam gets ignored most of the time. Oh, sure, you might vaguely remember that one of them is also in Watershed, but you wouldn't be able to say which. And the name of the song "Varsity Jacket" rings a bell until you realize you were thinking of "Black Concert T-shirt."

Which is too bad, because the lighthearted four-piece deserves better.

Opening for Willie Phoenix last night at Andyman's Treehouse, Twin Cam played initially to a crowd of about about 10 people that eventually creeped up to about 25 (the largest and most stoic audience member being the tree in the center of the room). Of course, you wouldn't have known it was a small crowd by the way they played. The energy still poured out of them and the fun they were clearly having in that tiny little room was infectious. Not that the infection was necessary -- we were all having fun already. The sound at the Treehouse sucked, as it always does, but Twin Cam's music was able to transcend the audio mire and get out a set that was too short, but high on quality.

Jump on over to their MySpace page and take a listen. Or go on over to iTunes and buy their stuff. But to truly get Twin Cam, experience them live.

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