Monday, August 27, 2007

The new iPods?

Sounds like there may be an Apple event/announcement on September 5, according to Arstechnica. Likewise, 9to5mac reported last week that it has knowledge of both a flash-based Video iPod Nano (in the above advertising mock-up) and the iPod Touch, which is essentially an iPod with the iPhone form factor (except slightly thicker and with a black back).

The iPod line is past due for its typical refresh, so at least some of these rumors may be true. In fact, Apple issued a Cease & Desist Order to 9to5mac after they posted the above image on their sight -- Apple in the past has only done this to images that have turned out to be quite real.

Another C&DO came from Apple after the below videos were posted of the new iPod interface.

We'll have to wait and see...


Craig Bower said...

Very cool. Cant wait to see what Apple doe next with the iPod line.

But you better be careful that the C-Bus doesn't get a C&DO for posting those. ;)

dave491 said...

Uh, yeah, don't think that'll be a problem considering my traffic. :-)