Thursday, October 18, 2007

VHS Or Beta: Tonight at the Newport

Now a $5 CD101 Low Dough Show, VHS or Beta is playing the Newport tonight. I'll be there and you should be there too. They weren't as dynamic at the CD101 SummerFest as I expected them to be, but, hey, for a mere five bucks, you can't go wrong. Buy a drink, start dancing, and just enjoy the music.

Word has it that they're struggling to find an opening band, so be prepared for an early show.

And ask random guys with shoulder-length blonde hair and a couple facial piercings if they're Dave491. You just might find me.


Andy said...

ahaha what up dave its andy.

cool seeing yah at the show.

btw who was that local band that opened?! I heard they were giving out copies of their cd. I was hoping I could review it.

Craig Bower said...

Unofrtunately i couldn't make the show (being states away doesnt help), but they must be starting to get some recognition....they have a T in my local Hot Topic.