Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Queers @ Bernie's Tomorrow Night

The Queers, one of the highest-regarded pop punk bands in history, are returning to the same place they recorded their 2006 live album "Weekend At Bernie's." It's an absolute must-see show featuring openers Backstreet Virgins and Snot Rockets, with local punkers Highnoon Hangovers and The Damn Yous.

"The Queers are an absolute classic," says The Damn Yous about being in the line-up. "It's like getting a shot to go bowling with Ted Nugent. The Queers hold a special place in the heart of Columbus as they -- of all of the bands that have released records -- placed Don B on the cover. Finally! Don B gets his come-uppance, and on a Queers disc at that. That, my friend, is beautiful American art."

The Damn Yous describe their sound: "Crack open a bottle of greasy Motorhead, pour in some Dwarves and chase it with a shot of Wild New Bomb Turkey and you're heading for a Damn You hangover."

Sounds like fun to me.

The Queers w/ Backstreet Virgins, Snot Rockers, Highnoon Hangovers, The Damn Yous
January 6, 2007
Bernie's Distillery, 1896 N. High St.


Bullet Mat said...

I went to a Queers concert in the middle of my high-school years and I still haven't had more fun at a concert. On top of all things, it was at the Alrosa-Villa. Very unusual crowd for those days. Bernie's, I'm sure, was a more appropriate venue for those fellas. How was the Bernie's gig?

dave491 said...

Read my post about the show, but it was weird. When I think of a punk show -- and the Queers -- I don't picture people standing around and being so uninvolved.

That being said, though, it was a really great show. Ton of fun. And Bernie's was the perfect venue for the show.