Sunday, September 23, 2007

The OSU Game From a Press Box Suite

Ah, the suite life...

Yesterday, Ohio State played Northwestern. It was the 500th game in the 85-year-old Ohio Stadium and I was fortunate enough to not only get complimentary tickets to the game, but tickets to one of the pressbox suites! Free food and drinks (non-alcoholic of course, since it's a dry stadium) and an amazing view.

I didn't go to OSU, but I enjoy watching their games on TV -- but watching a game in the stadium amongst 105,000 fans is truly an experience.

The game was an utter blowout. OSU spanked NW with a final score of 58 - 7, so the second half was kinda dull, but, hey, it gave me the opportunity to munch on that dessert tray...

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